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Discipline & Rules of conduct

Discipline & Rules of conduct

A separate Discipline Committee is constituted to maintain discipline in the College Campus. All the heads of the departments are members of the committee.
Siraj M V P, HoD in Biotechnology is the convenor.

  1. Modest dress code has always been the pattern of this Institution. The Management has introduced separate uniform for boys and girls. P.G. students are however exempted.
  2. Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy.
  3. When a teacher enters the class room, the students shall rise up and remain standing until the teacher takes his/her seat or ask them to be seated.
  4. All students shall be in their respective class room before the scheduled time and students are not expected to come late.
  5. Students shall observe strict discipline while moving from one class to another and also during intervals. Students do not have freedom in entering others class rooms.
  6. No meeting or entertainment can be organized by the students without the written permission from the Principal.
  7. Loitering in the corridors, causing disturbance in the class rooms and such undesirable indisciplinary activities are strictly forbidden.
  8. Absolute obedience is expected from every student. If anyone tries to defy/defame the authority of the Principal or any teacher or any other staff, he/she will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  9. No student shall disfigure the Walls, Windows or Furniture/ Equipment by writing on them. If anyone damages or destroys the College property, he/she will have to pay the repair/re-installation charges.
  10. Smoking, use of alcohol, or intoxicating drinks and consumption of drugs are strictly prohibited.
  11. The behavior of students both within and outside the College premises shall be decent. No student can leave the class room or laboratory without the permission of the teacher in-charge.
  12. The following are not allowed inside the College Campus. Those who violate the rules will be punished.
  13. (i) Publish any materials such as magazines, notices, journals, booklets etc. (during the College Union Election eve for canvassing vote) without the prior permission of the Principal.
    (ii) To conduct meeting by the students inside the campus without the prior permission of the Principal.
    (iii) To display any materials for publicity such as wall posters, banners, notices etc. within the campus.
    (iv) Taking unauthorized collections from the students or staff.
    (v) Entering other class rooms when there is class or not obtaining prior permission before entering the class.
  14. Bringing mobile phones or video cameras inside the College Campus is strictly prohibited.
  15. The Principal will have the power to impose the following punishment: imposing fine, suspension and dismissal of students.



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