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Flare 23 (Arts, Cultural and Scientific Exhibition) will be held on 7th-9th September 2023 at SSITS | Applications are invited for the Best Student Award for the year 2022-23. For more details download the brochure and application form Click Here...

Life at Sir Syed

Life at Sir Syed

Sir Syed Institute for Technical Studies, one of the prominent self-financing colleges under Kannur University is situated in the heart of Taliparamba. Functioning under the aegis of CDMEA, the college is sought after by students from all over Kannur district. A beautiful campus with very fine infrastructure, most coveted and relevant courses of study, full-fledged library, playground, hostel for boys and girls, prayer hall for Muslim students, IT lab, seminar hall, auditorium, well organized laboratory for science students etc. are some of the important attractions of this college. The fee structure is peerless as it is the lowest among all other colleges under the University. The college has a well-qualified teaching faculty headed by a very friendly and dynamic Principal. The standard of teaching is commendable as the quality of education provided in the college is superb. Along with academics, teachers are always ready to help students in their nonacademic matters also because of balanced work load and good and hygienic working conditions. Payment offered to teachers is at par with the existing system. Teaching and non-teaching staff is covered under health insurance, employee provident fund and other benefits. Teachers give strength and support to students in their arts and sports. Students regularly participate in university level competitions and win laurels every year.

The college has a strong anti-ragging policy, enforced by a squad comprising of selected teachers. Members of this squad strictly monitor the use of cell phones inside the campus. Misbehavior of students in the classrooms and inside the campus is strictly controlled by a set of teachers who voluntarily interfere in matters of disharmony among students.

The college has an active and powerful PTA. Meetings are conducted regularly wherein representatives of parents and teachers discuss matters which bring about improvements in the college administration. Cleanliness is the watchword of SSITS. The campus is neat and tidy. All toilets, bathrooms and refreshment areas are kept clean and hygienic. Adequate cleaning staff is employed to do all the cleaning services. Students are constantly educated on the ill effects of dirtying the walls, doors etc and encouraged to keep the campus clean all the time.
Timely availability of food complemented with quality, taste and clean service is the hallmark of the canteen. The price of food items is moderate which is commendable. Students are not allowed to go to the canteen at all times. They are provided with stipulated time for lunch, tea and other refreshments.

The college is proud to have a very good NSS team headed by teachers and actively participated by student volunteers. This team conducts various social service activities in and around the city. Usually conducted over a 10 days camp, the students engage in lot of welfare activities which contribute to the welfare of the society and at the same time enhancing the personality of the individuals. Students who complete the NSS program are awarded certificates and grace marks in examinations for their services. Through this team, the college does a lot of charity programs too.

Unity in diversity is another hall mark of the institution. In keeping this tradition, the college conducts a variety of entertainment programs like food fest, mehendi fest, iftar party, onam celebrations, New Year celebrations, holi celebrations, teachers’ day and so on.

Various academic enhancement programs like seminars, symposiums coupled with personality development programs, lectures on various topics by experts, quiz competitions etc are also part of our education system. The college has a sprightly and talented physical education department headed by a well-qualified faculty. The department provides opportunity for the growth of students in sports like football, cricket, basketball, table tennis etc. Matches are conducted at college and intercollegiate level. Students of the college had won many prizes from competitions. It is compulsory for students to wear uniform. The uniform is unique in the sense that it is beautiful and comfortable to wear, while the color is appealing to the eyes. Identity cards are issued to teachers and students. It is compulsory to display the cards to show their identity and to keep up their dignity. The campus life altogether is very joyful and educative. While the focus is on education, students are provided with enough and more opp ortunities to joyfully live in the campus.



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